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10 [AOS]Bolero Boy Level 251 [offline]
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.: Who's Chatting NOW! (Last 5 posts)
Title: I bought a Poster: [SOS]Sir Arthur Twat Mon, Jun 22, 2:38:16pm
Creative Zen MP3 player so don't need to install any software
Title: Itunes/ipodz Poster: [SNH]Savaloy Mon, Jun 22, 2:33:58pm
You can drag and drop in or out of an ipod via any of the third party apps that have been created to bypass Apple's overzealous control of it's products uses. You can also do this manually via My Computer/'x':ipod/Properties apparently too.
Title: not even just more simple Poster: [SOS]Sir Arthur Twat Mon, Jun 22, 2:23:13pm
it's the most obvious way to do it. why oh why people are happy to use software to do something that should just be a folder drag and drop process is beyond me
Title: yeah Poster: [CIA]Skittlez Mon, Jun 22, 2:21:57pm
itunes is pants tbh. I prefer it when you can just go my computer, removable disk and copy music in to there, so much more simple!! *googles*
Title: you need to download the software Poster: [SOS]Sir Arthur Twat Mon, Jun 22, 2:20:54pm
that enables you to use your iPod like an external drive to put songs onto it (like any decent MP3 player does) bypassing iTunes
.: Features
  • RPG-Style leveling system
  • Stats that effect what you can do in the game
  • Loads of crimes
  • Mugging and attacking of other players
  • Classified Ads
  • Opportunity to earn lots of free points
  • Bank to keep your money safe in
  • Complete gang system
  • Gym to train your stats in
  • Hospital that people are sent to when they get beat up
  • Prison that people go to if captured, but you can be broken out of
  • Private Message System so you can contact other players easily
  • Event system to let you know when something interesting happens, so that you never miss a thing
  • RC Store where you can buy in game items and Membership to get ahead in the game using real money
  • Armour and weapons to raise your attack and defense in combat
  • A point system that allows you to recharge your energy and nerve easily
  • Ability to vote on gaming sites for in game rewards
  • Houses you can buy and live in to gain higher max awake
  • Hall of fame ranking system where you can see the strongest and best players
  • A casino where you can gamble your hard earned cash playing the lottery, the slot machine, or the 50/50 game
  • Job system where you can get a job and earn cash (Yeah, like chavs have jobs LOL)
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